GrapVidTY MX – A Huge Collection Of High-Converting Graphics And Video Templates That Can Be Created Using Only PowerPoint

“If you are marketers who want to captivate and grow audiences to your product and you like the idea of creating engaging graphics and videos that look professional in minutes, Grapvidty MX is exactly what you want.”

October 4, 2017 / / —

GrapVidTY MX is a revolutionary way to create high-quality graphics and videos in minutes for any business. This all-in-one marketing solution provides elegant templates that people can use to make their business professional and capture audience’s attention just by following a few simple steps.

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GrapVidTY MX comes load with a huge collection of high-quality templates which are divided into 11 modules. In the first module, users will get poster/flyer design templates that can assist.

Infographic templates with elegant colors and interesting animations are also available for them to use for their business. Another module includes Facebook cover video templates which the creators have prepared for their consumers with the appropriate size.

The next module includes a lot of promotional video templates for users to improve their sales conversions. Besides, square-sized Instagram banner templates which have an artistic color will make users’ banner more compelling.

Not only that, but GrapVidTY MX also offers Mockup photos for desktop, a smartphone which has beautiful designs for the roll-up banner. Users can easily customize these photos to improve the branding of their business.

Name Card and Resume/CV templates with elegant designs will be provided for the consumers to make their business professional just by using PowerPoint.

More powerful features of GrapVidTY MX can be found on their official site when clicking here.

All of the templates provided in GrapVidTY MX bundle are easy to use and edit. Just with PowerPoint and a few simple steps, they can replace image, video and edit text, audio or customize color in the template they choose.

Firstly, people can choose the template they want to match their graphic or video needs. Then, they can freely customize their template with a few clicks of their mouse. Finally, when everything is done, users can export their templates to JPG, PDF or MP4, and more without any hassle.

Once getting GrapVidTY MX, users can get a huge collection of compelling graphics and animated video templates and create convincing marketing content.

This product is newbie friendly so that people can start creating high-quality video designs and graphics that grab the attention of the audience; without any technical skills or experience.

Everything can be done quickly just with PowerPoint so that people do not need to hire a designer or freelancer to create just one template. Also, there is no need for GrapVidTY MX’s users to spend any money and time on complicated software.

“Another amazing edition! As a repeating customer, I have to say - I love the different selections of templates, easy to edit yet the design is very professional. And if I do need help at some point there are always great tutorials. The creative possibilities seem to endless. At times it is hard to imagine that these are done in PowerPoint. Thank you for your great work.” – said the user of GrapVidTY MX.

For more details, you could see GrapVidTY MX review and discount.

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