'Superfast' internet cable to cross Mediterranean sea

Jan 16, 2018

A Cyprus company has signed an agreement to lay a sub-sea internet cable connecting Israel with Spain, which an official says will be powerful enough to handle up to 60 percent of the world's internet traffic at peak time

EU tasks experts to find ways to fight fake news

Jan 15, 2018

The EU has set up an expert group to help identify fake news and propose ways to tackle the problem amid concern that false information is influencing elections

Abe: Japan enters cooperation pact with Baltic countries

Jan 13, 2018

Japan's prime minister says his country has entered into a pact with Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to boost economic and political ties with the three former Soviet republics

Japanese PM kicks off six-nation European tour in Estonia

Jan 12, 2018

Japan's prime minister has kicked off in Estonia a five-day European tour that will take him also to Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania _ becoming the first-ever head of the Asian nation to visit these countries

Belarus aspires to become leader in digital currencies

Dec 22, 2017

The president of Belarus has offered tax benefits and other incentives to information technology firms to turn the ex-Soviet nation into a digital leader

Italy says Amazon will pay $118 million to end tax dispute

Dec 15, 2017

Italian tax authorities say Amazon will pay 100 million euros ($118 million) to end a dispute over its tax payments from 2011-2015

Austrian activist launches consumers' digital rights group

Nov 28, 2017

An Austrian digital consumer activist has launched a European watchdog group aimed at protecting users' rights against Google, Facebook and other online platforms

Prague appeals court allows Russian hacker extradition to US

Nov 24, 2017

A Prague appeals court has upheld a lower court ruling that a Russian man who faces charges of hacking computers at American companies can be extradited to the United States

The Latest: Extradition case lawyer vows to appeal further

Nov 24, 2017

The defense attorney for a Russian man whose extradition to the United States has been supported by a Prague appeals court says he has not given up and will take steps to possibly reverse the ruling

Austria: Bitcoins stolen over public wireless network

Nov 22, 2017

Austrian police say cyber thieves transferred bitcoins worth more than 100,000 euros ($117,000) from a man's account while he was logged in on a restaurant's public wireless network

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