Huawei opens Brussels security lab in bid to reassure EU

Mar 5, 2019

China's Huawei opens Brussels security lab, stepping up effort to win over EU policymakers

Center-right party tops Estonia vote, but populists win, too

Mar 3, 2019

A center-right party that held the prime minister's office in Estonia for over a decade wins general election, while a far-right populist party emerges as a big winner despite snubs from traditional power-brokers

The Latest: Center-right tops Estonia vote, populists gain

Mar 3, 2019

Preliminary results from Estonia's parliamentary election show a center-right party that held the prime minister's office for over a decade was the top vote-getter, but a far-right populist party also had a big win

Bulgaria proceeds with plans to build Turk Stream extension

Feb 28, 2019

Bulgaria's state-run gas network operator Bulgartransgaz is relaunching a 1.4 billion euro ($1.6 billion) tender to expand the country's gas transport system from Turkey to Serbia

EU gets heavy-duty on pollution: 1st standards for trucks

Feb 19, 2019

The European Union has reached a tentative agreement on the first specific EU standards for trucks to get polluting CO2 levels down

EU reaches tentative deal on copyright in digital age

Feb 13, 2019

The European Union has reached a tentative breakthrough deal on copyright issues in the digital age, which it claims will better reward authors, artists and journalists and empower them in their relations with internet giants

Scientists in Hungary protest govt takeover of research

Feb 12, 2019

Scientists in Hungary are protesting government efforts to take control of their research funding, a move they say endangers academic freedom

US warns Hungary, other allies to shun business with Huawei

Feb 11, 2019

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says that America might be forced to scale back certain operations in Europe and elsewhere if countries continue to do business with the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei

New app lets dog lovers swipe right for perfect pet match

Feb 5, 2019

A group of animal lovers in Lithuania has created a mobile application inspired by the popular dating app Tinder to match up dogs in local shelters with new owners

EU says social media now better at removing hate speech

Feb 4, 2019

The European Union says major social media firms have stepped up their efforts to remove hate speech online

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