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Drone seized as soccer fans held in Kosovo before Euro game

Sep 7, 2019

Officials say police in Kosovo have arrested eight Czech soccer fans who were allegedly planning to fly a drone with a pro-Serbia banner during Saturday's 2020 European Championship qualifier

Meanwhile, across the English channel, EU waits

Sep 5, 2019

As Britain tears itself apart over Brexit, the EU is still waiting for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to offer his first proposals for breaking the deadlock

Hungary touts family policies as alternative to immigration

Sep 5, 2019

Hungary's prime minister says low birth rates and falling population figures must be boosted by economic incentives to families, not immigration

Vilnius protests diplomats scuffled pro-Hong Kong supporters

Sep 2, 2019

Lithuania has protested to China's ambassador to the Baltic country, Shen Zhifei, after several Chinese diplomats were filmed scuffling with pro-Hong Kong protesters during a peaceful rally in central Vilnius last month.

Filmmaker Nate Parker apologizes for being 'tone deaf'

Sep 1, 2019

Filmmaker Nate Parker apologizes for being 'tone deaf'

Italy's 5-Star chief inflexible in dealing for new coalition

Aug 30, 2019

Italy's populist 5-Star chief isn't budging in his demands in dealings for a new government aimed at keeping right-wing Matteo Salvini from power

Placido Domingo concert opening sports complex in Hungary

Aug 28, 2019

Opera star Placido Domingo's performance will inaugurate a soccer stadium and youth complex in the southern Hungarian city of Szeged, built from public funds by the local Catholic diocese

Kosovo dissolves parliament to hold an early election

Aug 22, 2019

Kosovo's parliament has been dissolved, opening the way to the country's president to set the date for an early general election

Former Czech foreign minister to become new culture minister

Aug 21, 2019

The Czech president has agreed to appoint a new candidate for a Cabinet minister, defusing a dispute that could have caused the government to fall

Migrants exit rescue ship in Italy after 19-day standoff

Aug 20, 2019

More than 80 people were being evacuated from a migrant rescue ship on Tuesday, capping a drama that saw 15 passengers jump into the sea to escape deteriorating conditions aboard and spurred Spain to dispatch a naval ship

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