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Croatian air force plane crashes. killing 2 crew members

May 7, 2020

Croatia’s Defense Ministry says an air force training plane has crashed and two crew members were killed

Cyprus: 15 police face probe on serial killer investigation

May 5, 2020

Cyprus’ top lawyer has ordered a criminal probe into how police handled the country’s first serial killer investigation, which led to the conviction of an army officer for the murders of seven foreign women and girls

UN watchdog: Iran has 3 possible undeclared nuclear sites

Mar 3, 2020

The U.N.'s nuclear watchdog says Iran has more than tripled its supply of enriched uranium in the last three months and now has more than a ton stockpiled

Luxembourg foreign minister says EU agrees to end naval operation to tackling Mediterranean people smuggling

Feb 17, 2020

Luxembourg foreign minister says EU agrees to end naval operation to tackling Mediterranean people smuggling

Libyan official: Turkish troops unwanted, destabilizing

Dec 28, 2019

The speaker of Libya's parliament says Turkey's willingness to dispatch troops to the north African country is “unacceptable" and that such a move would constitute unwanted meddling in the affairs of a friendly country

Kosovo court jails ex-Serb minister for ethnic hatred

Dec 5, 2019

A Kosovo court has sentenced a former ethnic Serb minister to two years in prison for inciting ethnic hatred

Russia expels Bulgarian diplomat in retaliatory move

Dec 5, 2019

Russia has expelled a Bulgarian diplomat in retaliation for the expulsion of one of its own diplomats from Bulgaria

Italian prosecutors investigate ex-minister Salvini

Nov 19, 2019

Prosecutors in Sicily are investigating former Interior Minister Matteo Salvini for not allowing an NGO rescue ship to enter Italian waters this summer

Ukrainian leader felt Trump pressure before taking office

Oct 24, 2019

Shortly after the new leader of Ukraine was elected, he told advisers he was concerned about becoming entangled in US elections

Europe's specialty food makers brace for US tariffs

Oct 17, 2019

European producers of premium specialty agricultural products like French wine and Italian Parmesan are facing a U.S. tariff hike due Friday with trepidation.

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